The quintessential addition to your Metal glossary, Immorium is Australian Melodic Death Metal at its finest. Hailing to the likes of Dark Tranquility, At The Gates, and Insomnium, the band has performed alongside music legends Dragonforce, Kamelot, and Dragonland, cementing their place on the international stage as a force to be reckoned with.

What began with their first EP ‘Existence to Dust’ in 2011 has since transformed into a commanding presence on the international Metal scene, with performances alongside Disentomb, Be’Lakor, and The Algorithm, and a full-length album to boot.

Released in 2015, ‘Universum’ emanates an emotional rawness that is only truly encapsulated in its lyrics, inviting listeners to join in the introspective exploration of mankind’s destructiveness.

Their brutally honest outlook commandingly crafted into pure Melodic Death Metal has solidified their place as one of the up and coming masters of their craft, perfectly embodying their genre while remaining true their own authenticity. With another full length-album expected for 2019, the Australians show no sign of slowing down, promising a musical evolution like no other.