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A truly unique and diverse sound appealing to a variety of different music tastes, offering listeners a full spectrum of emotive music.

Immorium is a melodic death metal band hailing from the cool climate of Canberra, Australia and since forming in 2007 have released an EP, Existence to Dust (2011) and a full length debut album, Universum (2015).

Their music pushes the boundaries of metal, and with lyrics that explore philosophical ideologies, Immorium’s vast array of sounds and textures fall upon the ears of a diverse audience, combining brutal faced-paced riffing with melodic musicality and head banging groove.

The band’s firm and creative line up, in addition to their unique sounds and conceptual lyrics, have created a solid fan-base that reaches well beyond Canberra and its surrounds.

Sharing the stage and supporting some of Australia's premier bands, Immorium have played alongside Dragonforce (UK), The Algorithm (FR), Be'lakor, Orpheus Omega, Voyager, The Seer, Hadal Maw, Segression, Daemon Pyre, Rise of Avernus, Gods of Eden, Daysend, Deprivation, Disentomb, Frankenbok, Anno Domini, Aeon of Horus, Templestowe and many more.

The band has commenced work on their second album due for release in 2018.

Upcoming Shows

Date Event Venue Location Tickets
Dec 06 Kamelot - The Shadow Theory Tour The Basement Canberra